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In our present day it does seem that there are a whole variety of religions, each of which purport to offer enlightenment. Even within the Christian church there are many different views and it can all seem very confusing.

The fact is we cannot have various truths about what is necessary to bring us into a relationship with God and to be assured of eternal life. If one thing is true then it must follow that something which contradicts it cannot be true. There are not various truths there is one, and Jesus himself takes that title: "I am the way the truth and the life" John 14 v6. In that same chapter Jesus clearly states that he alone is the way to the Father. We do nobody a service if we suggest that we can get to heaven by our own actions or through some other form of religious experience or belief.

Jesus preached a message which calls for us all to repent (to turn away from our sins) and to believe in Him, to acknowledge that his death on the cross was sufficient to deal with our sin and enable us to be forgiven, or as Jesus says "to be born anew" A new start means living in a new way and of course that has lots of practical out-workings. Seeking to follow Jesus' command to 'love our neighbour as ourselves' is a sure guide that we have started to walk the way Jesus wants us to go.